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Consolidate your medical history, get a personalized health analysis, timely reminders and connect to a curated network of healthcare providers across India

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Now consolidating your medical history is super easy. Just take pictures of your physical records using the application and eKincare takes care of the rest.

Predict your health risks before their onset

Our propreitary engine analyzes data from your medical records to predict potential health risks before their onset. It then converts the boring medical data into color coded results, graphical hisotry, trendlines and clickable timelines to help you assess your health

Connect to a curated list of healthcare service providers

Get up to 70% off on your health checks. With a network of 1500+ partner locations, home collection and online reports we've made it very convenient manage your regular health checks

With a network of 80,000+ verified doctors you can book an online appointment for a private chat, tele or video consultation. Get your general query or a second opinion answered from anyhere, anytime

eKincare brings you, your personalized health/lifestyle coach who would help you with your health goals whether be, losing weight, reducing your chronic disease risks or improving an existing health condition

eKincare works with leading home care experts across 33 cities to support your family's healthcare needs for physiotherapists, attendants, nurses, doctors or your child's vaccinations

Your data security and privacy is our top priority